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Promo Items

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Why are promotional pens such perfect giveaways? Think about all of the promotional pens you own. Why did you take them? Chances are you took them because they're useful.

Banks leave canisters of pens with their logos next to deposit and withdrawal slips; restaurants have custom printed pens for you when signing credit card receipts; mechanics have pens readily available as business cards. For any industry, for any purpose, the value of promotional pens is priceless.

Among the most popular promos, these items are one of the most useful branding tools you can utilize to get your company name and logo out there and seen by the masses. Build brand awareness and loyalty with promotional pens.

Here are some of our most popular pens.

Do you have a
CHi Guy Pen?

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Snap a picture of your CHi Guy Pen in action and send it to us.

Your name will be entered into our monthly drawing for a chance to win some great prizes.

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Have you used CHi in the past?*:
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